Panel 1 : Financial Education of Young People
In developing countries numerous initiatives are taken to increase financial inclusion of youth and young adults. WSBI members are introducing youth savings accounts and school banking projects. Projects that sound familiar to historians ! Why did those 19th and 20th century financial education intitiatives disappear in today’s Europe ?
Panel 2 - Importance of a lifetime savings for everyone
Financial education is not something only for young people. Some would argue that financial education is a mindset needed by everyone,  and to be used throughout one’s lifetime at moments such as saving for a home and other important life events.  Whenever the need arises, Financial education lasts a lifetime.
Panel 3 - What is the current level of financial literarcy and how can we improve it ?
​​Which tools are available for measuring the level of financial literacy and financial inclusion? Which are the tools that can be conveyed to the European and national policy makers. Is there a correlation between financial literacy and financial inclusion ? What was/is the political importance of financial education and financial literacy?​