WSBI-ESBG meeting sponsorship maximises awarness to 400 bank executives from within the associations' worldwide membership. They will focus on the link made by saving and retail banks between globalisation and inclusion at ​the WSBI World Congress to be help on 15-16 November 2018 in New Delhi, in collaboration with the State Bank of India.


About WSBI World Congress

The WSBI World Congress aims at bringing all WSBI and ESBG members together to discuss the topics that define the future of the retail banking sector and to bring a powerful message to the worldwide policymaking community.

It will be the occasion to see the undeniable role of local savings and retail banks' role as the financial sector plays an important role in globalization. Indeed, such banks are those with the strongest regional presence. A big branch network, complemented by digital customer channels is testament to that presence. As traditional partners of their local private and commercial partners, savings and retail banks are uniquely placed to accompany their clients on their international expansion and relay the benefits of globalisation to local communities. SMEs, households and local authorities benefit from the support provided by local banks.


Acknowledging the demands of service providers

WSBI-ESBG understands that bank service providers are in a cut-through, 24/7 digital age and need more innovate ways to connect with their customers and potential ones. The 2018 World Congress sponsorship packages offer awareness-driven marketing and branding ideas to spread the word to those people who decide on the innovative path taken by their locally focused, customer-driven banks. This sponsorship packages gives exposure and provides a chance to align your company with the values of WSBI-ESBG: retail, regional and responsible.


WSBI 25th World Congress at a glance

​Thursday 15 November: 09h00 – 17h35
  • Globalisation: the promise of a golden dawn or dystopia in the making?
  • Innovation and Sustainable Finance: a promise of a better future?
  • Bringing the promise of globalisation home
  • Cyber-security: trusting your bank in the digital world
  • Sustainable finance
  • Gala dinner (hosted by State Bank of India)
Friday 16 November: 09h00 – 12h30
  • Financial education as a way to an inclusive society
  • Bringing the promise of globalization home: the role of retail and savings banks


​​Sponsorship: what you receive

As a 2018 World Congress sponsor, your organization will benefit five ways:

  • All sponsors receive recognition in the pre-convention issue of WSBI-ESBG News & Views magazine as well as in following edition. The magazine goes out to some 2,000 recipients from around the world, notably bankers and banking industry stakeholders.
  • Recognition also given in the WSBI-ESBG CEO Letter. Twice a month, a newsletter goes out to hundreds of banking executives within WSBI-ESBG membership. A special edition for the event will be sent out shortly after the world congress.
  • Signage during the forum at designated sessions and “shout outs" during presentations by WSBI-ESBG speakers.
  • All forum sponsors will be listed in the convention programme and their logo and boiler plate company description/message will be included.
  • WSBI-ESBG websitewww.wsbi-esbg.org – will feature a listing of convention sponsors with a link to the individual sponsoring organisation's website. WSBI-ESBG website receives more than 5.000 user visits each month, a large percentage of whom visit the event webpages.

Complimentary registration (up to 10 persons), brief announcement opportunities, greeting guests at designated events and providing collateral marketing materials during events or to be distributed at the forum registration desk depend upon contribution level. Events can be combined to achieve more exposure for your company.​​

Sponsorship by level

Sponsorship level



Type of recognition​





Brand placement: signage, announcements

Company name on signage at event and public announcements​



Brand placement: programme

Company name, sponsorship level listed in forum programme



Print and electronic publishing

Company listing in pre- and post-forum issues of WSBI-ESBG News & Views and CEO Letter. 



FREE Advertisement

In forum programme



Share material

Sponsoring company may provide materials at event or at registration desk at event.


FREE registration

Registration for up to 10 persons representing sponsor.



Sponsored coffee break

Share your brand. Forum attendees receive “coffee alert” before the break with name of sponsor. Choose one of three breaks.


Additional sponsorship opportunities: Forum lunches

Share your story during stand up luncheons held on both days of the forum. Bring your branded display in the room during the luncheon and share your message via 2-minute rolling video (replayed throughout lunch) or in-person 5-minute address with rolling video to follow.

​Option 1: Lunch sponsorship – Day 1, 15 November at 13:00
Lunch duration: 60 minutes | Sponsorship: €6000

Option 2: Lunch sponsorship – Day 2, 16 November at 13:30
Lunch duration: 60 minutes | Sponsorship: €6000


More information

Forum and sponsorship contact:
Dirk Smet, WSBI-ESBG, at +32 2 211 11 90 or at dirk.smet@wsbi-esbg.org
Mathilde Liogier, WSBI-ESBG, at +32 2 211 11 96 or at mathilde.liogier@wsbi-esbg.org​


Event venue

Hotel Taj Diplomatic Enclave

2, Sardar Patel Marg​

Diplomatic Enclave

New Delhi, Delhi 110021