​​New Delhi

Also the capital city of India, New Delhi is the largest commercial city in Northern India. 

It counts almost 22 million inhabitants, who speak Hindi for the most part. English remains a formal language when it comes to business or government institutes, New Delhi being a cosmopolitan city due to the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural presence of the vast Indian bureaucracy and political system.

In 2016, New Delhi became one of the hundred cities in India chosen by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be developed as a smart city.  

The government program Smart Cities Mission, launched in 2015, aims at making Indian cities friendly and sustainable. Such vision will encourage New Delhi to integrate information and communication technology, but also Internet of things technology.

The city is already among the world's fastest changing cities, with an ability to embrace technological change, and deal with rapid population growth while strengthening global connectivity.


There isn't mandatory vaccine to do before going to India. However, it is recommended to have your basic vaccines up to date. It is also possible to get one for tetanus, hepatitis A and B, rabies or typhoid.

Finally, you might want to know that there will be a +4h30 difference in November, between Brussels time and New Delhi.​