First Workshop on Rural Financial inclusion

on the topic of

Deliver rural financial inclusion sustainably


Financial Street 3, Head Office of Postal Savings Bank of China

 Beijing, China

7-8 December 2017​




​7 December 2017​

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Remark
Moderated by Mr Du Chunye, Secretary to Chairman of PSBC 
(Second floor) 
  • Mr LV Jiajin, President of Postal Savings Bank of China
  • Regulator from China
  • Mr Dirk SMET, Director, WSBI
  • Keynote speakers​
​Move from the second to the fourth floor
Tea Break
Roundtable Discussion
Facilitated by Mr Ferry Sipahutar, Head of Service Quality and Distribution Division, Pt. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) TBK

  • Introduction by Mina Zhang, Senior Advisor, WSBI
  • Presentation of each participating member institution’s practice in financial inclusion (8 minutes by each participating member)​
​Product Perspective
Facilitated by Ms Samantha Carter, Policy Associate, J-PAL
​Distribution Channel Perspective
Facilitated by Mr Kimathi Githachuri, WSBI Advisory Services in Partnership with Seven Delta Consulting

Format of the session: experience sharing by PSBC followed by free discussion facilitated by Mr. Githachuri with all participants’ intervention
  • Experience of Postal Savings Bank of China in agent banking, by Mr LIU Xianming, Deputy General Manager, Personal Banking Division
  • Agent network management – making both financial service providers and agents sustainable
    Most banks using agents reported significant issues with agent management: incentives, liquidity management, training, remote account opening, etc, thus customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Marketing and communication strategy​​
​Tea Break


Re-engineer rural financial inclusion business model with the development of digital financial service ecosystem in rural areas
Facilitated by Mr Badal Malick, CEO of Cashless Catalyst

Smartphones are becoming more affordable for those who live in rural areas of the developing world. Smart phone based applications and internet networks are increasingly becoming normal goods. Digital payment in rural areas is emerging and can be acceptable in rural areas. The deployment of rural financial inclusion business model perhaps needs to be upgraded and adapted with the new trend and users' experience. 

Organization of the session:


  • Introduction by Mr Badal MALICK, CEO of Cashless Catalyst
  • Presentations of some inspiring approaches:
    • How can bank’s rural network cope with challenges in digital age? – By Mr MA Dehui, Deputy General Manager, Electronic Banking Division
    • Payment supports rural business by Mr DU Ying, Director of Products, Lakala
    • Mr Tim LIU, Executive Director & Senior Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion
  • Discussion: What are WSBI member countries’ digital financial inclusion landscape and how to cope with the new trend?


​Business model restrictions related to policy support and legal frame​​work for financial inclusion in China, followed by free discussion and participants' intervention

Most banks are benefiting from conducive policy and regulation support from most countries. For example, a proportional and tiered Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation that enables simple, flexible and self-service account opening especially for low-value accounts that have caps on transaction type and size. However, there is much to do by the governments. For instant, coordination among the government bodies, financial education campaign, G2P digital payment, etc. What are WSBI member banks’ expectations in policy support?

​Dinner hosted by Postal Savings Bank of China

8 December 2017​​


Visit to Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC)'s Smart Branch and Agent Network

  • Introduction on network’s business model and management
  • Q&A​ session


Visit to PSBC's Research and Development Center / Data Center
  • Video by PSBC
  • Big data supports business transformation, by Mr Li Zhaohui, General Manager, Information Technology Division
  • Q&A session
  • Visit to PSBC’s Research and Development Center​

9 December 2017

Visit to Summer Palace
​Return to Hotel

Other meetings (optional)

Visit to WeBank on 5 December 2017

Visit to Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion on 6 December 2017 ​​