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World Savings Day: Around the world

World Savings Day: Around the world

​​​​​​​​Austria: The Austrian Savings Banks Group (Österreichischer Sparkassenverband) carried out a number of activities including marketing activities such as advertisements to commemorate the day and encourage savings, cultural events sponsored by the Savings Banks, large events with government leaders, educational activities with children about the importance of savings, and other activities.​​

Belgium: WSBI, partnering with Friends of Europe/Development Policy Forum, organized a Roundtable on “Innovative Financial Techniques for the Developing World”, in Brussels.

Germany: The German Savings Banks Association (DSGV) held a public media event to discuss the role of savings and pensions.

Italy: The Association of Italian Foundations and Savings Banks (ACRI) hosted public events in Rome with the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance, and the Governor of the Bank of Italy.

Kenya: The Kenya Post Office Savings Bank worked with the Kenyan Ministry of Finance to carry out a country-wide advertising and promotional campaign, including launching a new savings product and a small contest for people opening savings accounts.

Korea: Several Korean organisations won grants – including people from financial institutions, the Korean army, schools, government agencies, etc. The Korean Federation of Savings Banks (KFSB) is one of the financial institution associations which nominates winners – choosing based on various criteria such as gender, wealth, frequency of deposit, increasing rate of deposit, region and jobs

Sri Lanka: The National Savings Bank organized a road show similar to a street parade called “Ithurum Ne Gam”. Staff members from the head office and from selected branches travelled about 100 km from Colombo to Galle in decorated buses. There was then a competition with prizes at the end in Galle.

Tanzania: Tanzania Postal Bank commemorated the day with a promotional activity called “Shiriki, Shinda, Jiwezeshe”. The activity enabled customers who deposited any amount over TZS 50,000 (approximately US$ 38) to win prizes including cash and other items such as televisions, refrigerators and bicycles.


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