WSBI General Assembly 2017

Globalisation and digitisation as drivers of financial inclusion

23-24 November 2017

Cape Town, South Africa



14 London Road

Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005 South Africa




​23 November​ 2017

​Statutory meetings​ (for WSBI members only)


​Presidents Committee WSBI 


​Board of Directors and General Assembly 


​Networking lunch

Conference: ​Globalisation and digitisation as drivers of financial inclusion (open to all, registration is necessary)


​Opening Speech
H. Haasis, President of WSBI


​Welcome Speech
Mark Barnes​, ​CEO of South Africa Post Office


​Keynote Speech


​Panel 1: Financial inclusion and the digital revolution

Introductory presentation Financial inclusion and the digitisation of Self-Help Groups: an Indian experience
H. K. Bhanwala​, Chairman of National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development​ of India​

There are 7.9 billion SIM connections in the world, according to the latest GSMA report. That is 500 million more than there are people. By 2020, SIM connections will swell to 9.7 billion. Mobile internet penetration will rise in the same period from 48% to 60%, linking large swaths of previously isolated citizens to the global news flow and to the global economy. Today, 277 live mobile money services deliver financial inclusion to previously unbanked people in even the most remote territories of this planet.

How can local WSBI member banks benefit from this revolution? What have they already done and what can they do more to include more and more people and to find value at the bottom of the pyramid? What specific solutions exist for the rural parts of developing countries?  This panel will dig into more detail and will come up with some striking success stories.​


​Discussion: Digitisation as a stimulus for Rural Development

Discussants: Representatives from National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development​ of India, Postbank South Africa


​Coffee break


​Panel 2: Regulatory aspects of Digitisation and Financial Inclusion

Introductory presentation ​E-identification and digital onboarding: regulatory aspects for Customer Due Diligence and Know Your Customer
J. Delhaye, BCEE Luxembourg​

What oil was to the 19th century, data is to the 21st century? But tapping into a global goldmine of personal information cannot be done without putting some limits. Banks should use this precious information that they possess to improve customer service, without breaching client privacy. And what about using data from third parties or about selling information to third parties? What happens in case of a data breach?  Who is who in the digital age and how can a solid e-identity boost financial inclusion? A discussion about digital onboarding, know-your-customer and other topics crucial to make the most of the digital revolution. Can banks meet the digital challenge without jeopardizing the most important asset: client trust?


​Discussion: E-Identification, dataprotection, datamining: where do we draw the line between consumer protection and customer satisfaction

Discussants: Representatives from South African Reserve Bank, BCEE, Swedish Savings Banks Association, State Bank of India


​Wrap up of the first conference day

Chris De Noose, Managing Dir​ector of WSBI and ESBG​​

​​Galla Dinner kindly offered by Postbank South Africa
Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront

​24 November 2017


Panel 3: A Postbank becomes a fully fledged bank – The case of South Africa. How did we manage it and what can other postbanks learn from it?
Shaheen Adam, Acting Managing Director of Postbank South Africa


Microcredit and financial inclusion: a case study from the French savings banks
Jean Arondel, President of FNCE


​Discussion: Financial inclusion as a business case: how small-scale savings can be a source of profit for banks

Discussants: Representatives from Postbank South Africa, Fedecrédito, Postbank Uganda, Mastercard Foundation 


​Coffee break

​Keynote speech


Quick fire discussion: SMEs and SME financing as a motor for local development

​10-minute presentations of success stories from Spain, Germany, Norway and the USA fol​lowed by conclusions by IFC representative on the role of private sector development, governments and SMEs


The future of retail banking: a prospective wrap-up of the conference
Chris De Noose, Managing Dir​ector of ​WSBI and ESBG


​Closing Speech
H. Haasis, President of WSBI


​Closing of the conference
Danielle Steenkamp, Acting Business Transformation Officer of Postbank South Africa 




​​​Customer centricity workshop by CGAP