​​​WSBI-ESBG Networking Cocktail Reception, Washington D.C.

 Co-hosts 2017:


Association of Italian savings banks and foundations (ACRI) - It represents the joint-stock Savings Banks and the Foundations of Banking Origin that came into existence in the early 1990s pursuant to the enactment of the so-called "Amato" Law, no. 218/90. Acri performs its activities solely in the interest of its Members, both Banks and Foundations. It represents and protects their interests and provides operational support. Acri cooperates closely with the Italian Banking Association (Abi) to deal with issues that joint-stock Savings Banks have in common with other banks.


Austrian Savings Banks Association (Austria) – The Association represents Austrian savings banks at a national and international level, and is the contact office for authorities and other offices representing Austrian and EEC interests. The Austrian Savings Banks Association operates as an active and creative platform that promotes discussion and balances interests and implementations within the savings bank group. It is a service provider in the areas of law and data management, and offers savings banks information and advice on services, taxes, and banking laws.​


Confederación española de cajas de ahorros (CECA - SPAIN) – CECA is a retail banking association that disseminates, defends, and represents the interests of its member institutions. Its main objective is to strengthen its member positions within the Spanish and international financial system from the perspective of financial activity, such as social work and the exercise of social responsibility.


DekaBank (Germany) – DekaBank is the Wertpapierhaus (securities house) of the German savings banks, and together with its subsidiaries it forms the Deka Group. This group ranks among Germany’s major securities service providers, holding customer assets totaling approximately €220bn and managing around four million securities accounts, as of December 2014. It ensures access to a wide range of investment products and services for retail and institutional investors.


Sistema Fedecredito (El Salvador) - Sistema Fedecrédito is composed of 48 Credit Associations, 7 Workers Bank and its Federation. It is a technical entity that associates Cajas de Crédito and Bancos de los Trabajadores, providing quality financial services, technical assistance, support and supplementary servicies to their members, and fostering Sistema Fedecredito's integration, development, and competitiveness.