​​Seminar on Corporate Governance and Risk Management​

1-2 August 2018​ | Singapore


DAY 1​​​
Visit to United Overseas Bank (UOB) Singapore
Venue: Room 5, 9th floor UOB Plaza 1, Singapore 048624

Presentation on Governance and Risk Management
Participants from UOB:
  • Group Risk: Frankie Phua and Choo Tuck Wai (presenters)
  • Group Compliance: Christina Tang, Lim Siew Lee, Wong Hui Chao
  • Group Strategy & International Management: Teoh Jin Kok, Michael Neo
Frankie Phua – Managing Director and Head of Group Risk Management at UOB. He oversees all risk management matters for UOB Group including credit risk, market risk, balance sheet risk, operational risk, fraud, product control and model validation.
Choo Tuck Wai – Executive Director and Head of Risk Strategy. Responsible for leading strategic initiatives, and the enterprise risk management framework including Group Risk Appetite, Recovery & Resolution Planning and Risk Culture.
Over 25 years of experience in a Central Bank, Structured Derivatives Sales, Internal Audit, Operational
​Visit to Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) – experience from Singapore​

Venue: ABS, 10 Shenton Way # 12-08 MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) ​Building

Presentation on Development of Singapore as a Financial Centre by a representative from The Association of Banks in Singapore, followed by Q&A

Speakers invited by ABS

DAY 2​​
Venue: ASKI Global Limited, 352 Tanglin Road , #01-03, Strathmore Block, Tanglin International Centre, 247671 Singapore​​
Lead trainer: Mr THAM Ming Song
Welcome by Mr Nathaniel Yu Chua, Director of ASKI Global Limited and Mina Zhang, Senior Advisor of WSBI​
Roundtable introduction by participants

Country and bank’s practice in corporate governance 

Corporate Governance
1. Overview of corporate governance in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: key challenges by Ms Yuliya Holodkova, Coordinator of the IFC Central Asia Corporate (via video)
2. Discussion facilitated by Mr THAM Ming Soong on:
  • Examining the different approaches to governance issues
  • How does corporate governance structure interrelate with risk issues? How risk factors to be incorporated into the existing board and corporate infrastructure
  • How to react when government’s priority conflicts with corporate governance princples? ​
Coffee break​​
Interactive session on risk management by Mr THAM Ming Soong

  • Presentation on how to set up risk management guidelines, structure, policy, process and deployment at a bank by using case study ( e.g. experience of setting risk management framework at OCBC)
  • Risk management framework evolution in Singapore and drivers for the evolution;
  • How to set up a sufficient risk management framework, strategy and process and to deploy them in practice: Experience of putting risk management in practice from the scratch;
  • How does human factor matter in risk management?
  • What are the other areas of risks that need to be addressed beyond those identified?
  • Recommendations for banks​ that are lack of appropriate risk management framework in place.

Working Lunch
Interactive session on compliance management, system and practice by Mr THAM Ming Soong
  • How governance, risk management and compliance may be integrated?
  • Accountability and responsiblity of compliance: role of board members, management and risk committee, performance incentives, risk culture;
  • Steps to improve compliance management framework;
  • How to leverage regulations to strengthen the compliance function and management?
  • Lack of sufficient national guideline, how to go one step further?
  • How important is the compliance infrastructure (data, legal documentation, tool support)?​