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Seminar on Corporate Governance and Risk Management​

Seminar on Corporate Governance and Risk Management​
Date: 01/08/2018 - 02/08/2018
Location: Singapore
​According to Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), 'Corporate governance for banking organisations is arguably of greater importance than for other companies, given the crucial financial intermediation role of banks in an economy, the need to safeguard depositors' funds and their high degree of sensitivity to potential difficulties arising from ineffective corporate governance.'[1] WSBI member banks commit to good governance practices (e.g. solid control environment, high levels of transparency and disclosure, an empowered board of directors etc).

Corporate governance had a key part in bank default in recent financial crisis and the 1997 Asia financial crisis. The emerging default of banks and recent painful financial sector reform have triggered some interest to learn from good corporate governance and risk management practice. ​

The objective of this Seminar is to provide an opportunity for banks to better understand the implementation of corporate governance standard and risk management practice in Singapore and to help banks to improve its capacity in risk management.

Please note that the language of the seminar is English.

[1] ​

​​Venue of the event: ASKI Global Limited, 352 Tanglin Roa​​d , #01-03, Strathmore Block, Tanglin International Centre, 247671, ​Singapore