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ESBG Retail Conference 2016

ESBG Retail Conference 2016
Date: 16/03/2016 - 16/03/2016
Location: Brussels



About the conference

The ESBG Retail Banking Conference took place on Wednesday 16 March 2016 at  the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, in Brussels.

​The one-day conference showcased the strength and the vitality of retail banking and highlighted its specificities and needs in the heart of European rule-making. This year's conference focused on better regulation in terms innovation and supervision for the European citizen.

The event looked at how policy needs to balance costs and benefits of regulation as well as catch up with digitisation. The following topics were discussed during the conference: Proportionality for local banks in the context of Capital Markets Union, the change of our business model caused by new ways of doing banking in this new are of innovation and digitisation and the influence of the economic context on retail banking business.  

 >> See the event press release | >> Read closing remarks by Chris De Noose | >> Opening remarks by ESBG President Isidro Fainé



Moderator: Jacki Davis, Managing Director, Meade Davis Communications

8.30 – 9.00      Welcome Coffee 

9.00 – 9.25      Welcoming by ESBG Managing Director Chris De Noose 
                        Opening Speech by ESBG President Isidro Fainé​ , c​hairman of CaixaBank 

9.25 – 10.10    Setting the scene: financial innovation and how retail banks are affected
This first session of the day gave an overview of the challenges that European retail banks currently face. Financial innovation is one are, which is leading to competition from non-banks. But there is more: low interest rates squeeze profit margins, regulatory and supervisory requirements come with a considerable cost. After an introduction on the state of financial innovation and its influence on our industry, two retail bankers of the ESBG membership explained how their financial institutions are coping with innovation. 

A short and dynamic discussion gave plenty of room for intervention by the audience, inlcuding an interactive audience v​oting poll​.


  • Fabrice Denèle, Head of Cards and Payments, Groupe BPCE
  • Arnold J.A.M. Kuijpers, Director European Affairs, Rabobank
  • José Agostinho de Matos, Vice-Chairman and CEO, Caixa Geral de Depósitos 
  • Jan Skoyles, Marketing and Media Manager, Coinsilium Group


10.10 – 10.30  Coffee Break 

10.30 – 11.40  Panel Session 2: "Proportionality for Local Banks"

The business model of retail banks stimulates economic growth. Our banks want to maintain a close relationship to local communities and economies, and should be regulated and supervised adequately. Topics such as prudential obligations – capital ratio, liquidity ratio, risk-weighted assets – and evolutions in the retail area should be proportionate to allow bank lending in the context of the Capital Markets Union.


  • Pervenche Berès, MEP, Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, European Parliament
  • Andrea Enria, Chairman, European Banking Authority (EBA) 
  • John Heller, CEO, Argenta
  • Christophe Nijdam, Secretary-General, Finance Watch 
  • Karl-Peter Schackmann-Fallis, Executive Member of the Board, German Savings Banks Association (DSGV)  

11.40 – 12.50  Panel Session 3: "How regulation needs to catch up with digitisation"

How is digitization changing our business model and shaping regulation? Technology allows for an increased customer proximity leading to the elimination of traditional intermediaries at the central services of the bank. And regulation is forced to adapt to new ways of doing banking transactions, for example in the payments sector. This panel touched upon these topics, as well as on the Digital Single Market Strategy and the Green Paper on Retail Financial Services, where digital (banking) services are an important element.


  • John Broxis, Managing Director, MyBank
  • Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General of DG Connect (European Commission) 
  • Sergey Filippov, Associate Director, the Lisbon Council 
  • Antonio Massanell, Deputy Chairman, Caixabank 


12.50 – 13.10  Closing Speech by Alain Minc, Economic and Political advisor, AMConseil

13.10-13.15    Wrap up by Chris De Noose

13.15 – 14.30  Networking lunch   ​


 >> See the event press release | >> Read closing remarks by Chris De Noose | >> Opening remarks by ESBG President Isidro Fainé