WSBI Innovation workshop

Open Banking – Leveraging the Power of APIs, Data & Partnerships 

​26 June 2019

​09:00 – 16:30 hrs

Venue: Česká spořitelna coworking area, Olbrachtova 1929/62, Prague​


Please note that WSBI does not manage accommodation bookings and does not have any blocked/pre-booked roms. We kindly advise you to make reservations directly via the hotel website.Recommened hotel options:

Chateau St. Havel​
*Same venue as welcome dinner on 25th June​

Adress: ​Před Nádražím 1/6, 140 00 Prague

Occidental Hotel ​

*Close to the Workshop venue

Address: Na Strži 32, 140 00 Prague​

Hotel Ilf ​

*Close to the Workshop venue​

Address: Budějovická 15/743, 140 00 Prague

Panorama Hotel Prague 

*Close to the Workshop venue​

Address: Milevská 7, 140 63 Prague​

Cosmopolitan Hotel Prague

*Close to the city center

Address: ZLATNICKÁ 3, 110 00 Prague