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Exploring the Pathways to Financial Inclusion - WSBI Africa Regional Group Meeting 2016

Exploring the Pathways to Financial Inclusion - WSBI Africa Regional Group Meeting 2016
Date: 30/05/2016 - 01/06/2016
Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar


​​​​The 22nd WSBI Africa Regional Group Meeting will be a remarkable opportunity to engage with high level policymakers, practitioners and stakeholders to discuss on the latest trends that are influencing the savings and retail banking sector in the African region in areas of:


a) policy initiatives and regulatory challenges in financial inclusion strategies

b) the role of savings groups in building assets and financial capability

c) the digital revolution to build bridges in Financial Inclusion

d) scaling business models focused on youth and Islamic Finance to boost financial inclusion.


The event will also enable the WSBI African member banks to take stock of their activities. It will include the presentation of business cases gathered in the Working Groups of Financial Education and MSMEs and a round table debate on strategic issues inherent to the cooperation of participating institutions with the WSBI. On 1 June, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a management training on How being creative in your business model and service delivery can create new opportunities fro growth.


How does WSBI support its members in the region in overcoming challenges?

As the largest provider of accounts for the poor worldwide, the WSBI has been actively involved in the global policy debate on setting an enabling environment for financial inclusion.

At the political level the WSBI drives his members' commitment to the 2012 Marrakech Declaration to provide 'An Account for everyone'. WSBI members also plegded to reach 1.7 billion customers and 400 million new transaction accounts by the end of 2020 as their contribution to the World Bank Group's strategic goal of Universal Financial Access by 2020.

Besides, the WSBI has a sound experience and knowledge of financial inclusion gained from managing and delivering multi-country financial inclusion programmes and projects to its members' banks. For instance, the programme of "Doubling Savings Accounts for the Poor the savings accounts for the poor" promoting the provision of usable, affordable, accessible and sustainable financial services to poorer communities; the African Postal Initiative extending outreach of migrant remittances to rural areas; and various initiatives in financing micro and  micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as microfinance are some concrete but not exhaustive examples.

The WSBI captures the opportunity of its regional meetings and forums to serves as a useful platform for the exchange of financial inclusion experience between its members.