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WSBI Innovation Workshop Asia

Innovation Workshop Thailand 12-13 May
WSBI Innovation Workshop Asia
Date: 12/05/2017 - 13/05/2017
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Workshop

​Innovation Hacks ASIA – Share Insights and Learn from your peers

​A workshop reserved exclusively for WSBI and ESBG members 

After this year’s Innovation Conference and Workshop​ in January in Brussels, the second edition of the WSBI Innovation Workshop took place in Bangkok on 12 & 13 May 2017 hosted by the Government Savings Bank of Thailand (GSB). 

With a particular focus on Asia, it explored WSBI members’ latest innovative concepts to remain at the forefront of retail banking. 
  • What are the current innovation trends in Asia? 
  • How are members dealing with the digitisation and innovation requirements to boost the customer journey and deliver always-on service? 
  • What new financial technology areas are WSBI members tapping into?
By exchanging ideas with colleagues from other countries in an environment without competitors, attendees boosted their capacities and showcased new concepts. A strong focus was placed on facts about the strategy behind the innovation, what worked and how it was received by customers. Interactions and group discussions took place to​ get concrete answers and discuss the latest trends in technology and finance.

Workshop programme

Please contact for more information.

Please find the programme here​​​​​​.

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