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Gearing up for Digitisation: Adapting Retail Banking to the Digital Age

Gearing up for Digitisation: Adapting Retail Banking to the Digital Age
Date: 26/01/2017 - 27/01/2017
Location: Brussels, Belgium

​​Banks' ability to innovate was explored during the WSBI Innovation Conference on 26-27 January 2017. More than 200 retail and savings banking leaders from around the globe met in Brussels for the event, along with policymakers and technology experts to learn more about how digitisation transforms the financial sector.

Questions debated during the two-day event were:

How does innovation disrupt the banking and other economic sectors? 

What is the best strategy to bring new retail banking services and products to the market? 

How can the banking system be made up-to-date? How have banks adapted to the clients' needs?

Held at the Radisson Blu hotel in Brussels, the conference showcased the status of innovation within WSBI member banks, created an exchange of best practices and a dialogue with various stakeholders in the field.

Below is a set of reference documents from the event, including press releases and speeches. 

Press Releases​

WSBI Innovation Conference Day 1: Locally focused, customer-driven savings and retail banks embracing digital wave

Experts from around the world share success stories, insight on digitisation.

Innovation Conference Day 2: Commissioner Oettinger sees future for digital-savvy banks

EU policymaker says banks must embrace digital wave.



Day 1 opening address: Digitisation and modern banking

WSBI-ESBG's Chris De Noose says relentless innovation needed from banks.


Day 1 wrap up: The need for a shift to an innovation mindset by banks

WSBI-ESBG's Chris De Noose says need exists for speed, security and slashing costs balanced with quality, customer needs.


Day 2 opening address: WSBI President Haasis on innovation in a digital age

Says future is being haped by digital, political forces.

Day 2 keynote: EU Commissioner Oettinger

Focuses on EU digital policy and how it relates to retail banking.

Day 2 wrap up: WSBI-ESBG's Chris De Noose says retail banking adapting to digital age

Locally focused retail banks' have a strength in face-to-face approach combined with digital.



Event links

WSBI-ESBG members-only workshop on innovation

WSBI members explored how best to harness digitisation in their banking operations


WSBI Innovation Conference: "Gearing up for Digitisation: Adapting Retail Banking to the Digital Age"

WSBI-ESBG member banks innovation, best practice exchange, stakeholder dialogue