​​​Introduction and Objective

Improving financial inclusion requires enhancing outreach to the untapped population in remote and inaccessible areas, notably in rural parts. This can happen through the increase of distribution channels in these areas and remote rural areas. It can also happen through the offer of adapted products to segments which are not well served such as young people. These already are or will form the bulk of clients of financial institutions in a close future. Addressing the needs of young people is a way to combat fierce competition due to the opening of the economy. Furthermore, technology at distrubtion channels increasinlgly refers to the use of mobile phone for payments and for banking transactions, which is a tool young people are very familiar with.

Young people though are not easy to reach as relationships between them and formal financial service providers are generally weak. So the very first question is when provided with the opportunity to save via formal services, will youth in developing and emerging countries participate? 

Ultimately, the aim is to encourage the targeted young consumers to come up with new insights about a product offer – one that the bank can realistically provide – that fits with the money flows youth and young adults manage on a day to day basis. At the same time, it will be necessary to integrate the fact that this amount of money will evolve in line with consumers' life phases.

The cross regional conference's content will focus on the definition of who are the young people, and what are their needs at different stages of their life. What do banks to accompany young people will be at the heart of this one day conference, as how they resolve their challenges and motivate young people to use their accounts.  What is the part of financial education?  And how can banks improve their offer through the diversification of the delivery channels and thanks to new partnerships with several stakeholders ? This will be the opportunity to capture the language used in that market to describe financial needs and to highlight the evolving needs and matching offer in that market.

The Cross-Regional Conference is also a unique platform to meet other WSBI memebers from other continents, to extend one's professional network and to generate productive exchanges of knowledge and experience and ultimately create a productive change