Venue: Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center | Lima, Perú

XXIII​ GRULAC - “Profitability and social impact in a digitised retail banking"


07.30-08.30 Registration

08.30 – 09.00 Openning Ceremony
  • ​Jorge Solis, President, Federación Peruana de Cajas Municipales de Ahorros y Crédito
  • Chris De Noose, WSBI Managing Director
  • Diego Prieto, President of the WSBI Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Group and President of Banco Caja Social, Colombia


09.00-09.30 Keynote: “The role of savings and retail banking in socio-economic development”
Speaker to be confirmed

09.30-10.00 Discussion among WSBI members
PANEL DISCUSSION MODERATED BY Diego Prieto, President of the WSBI Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Group and President of Banco Caja Social, Colombia

10.00-10.30 Group photo + coffee break

10.30-12.00 Session 1: Innovating in culture and banking strategy

Digital transformation is less about a single person and more about bringing together a coalition of power, skills and vision that can jointly initiate the wave of transformation. In banking this is even more so, as it is a highly regulated industry. Likewise, it is very important for the leadership of financial institutions to support the transformation of the bank. It is also imperative that any kind of transformation is handled in a 360º dimension of the financial institution. It is a matter of the different teams (human resources, legal, integral risk management, audit, to name a few) working together to build a digital strategy that works both for the customer´s convenience as well as to ensure customer´s protection and data security in a highly connected digital financial services environment. The session will review and rethink leadership, business models and the way things are done, whilst also bringing the double bottom line dimension.

  • Gustavo Ariza, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo, APAP, República Dominicana
  • Isabella Frey, Group Product Owner George Go, BeeOne GmbH, The digital innovation unit of Erste Group, Austria
  • Sebastian Nieto Parra, Deputy Head of the Latin American and Caribbean Unit. Senior Economist at OECD
  • CAIXA, Brazil

12.00-13.15 Lunch


13.15-14.30 Session 2: Banking customers anywhere, anytime and anyhow

In banking omnipresence is the norm, or one can say the new normal following WSBI ´s Managing Director words when talking about digitalization at large. Financial institutions seek to become more efficient by leveraging their performance with the help of technology. There has been a strong shift to digital platforms to interact with customers. Mobile is more and more taking the lead. In the process of transformation, we not only change the way products are designed and brought to the market, but also how banks are dealing with innovation itself in terms of process, whilst becoming a more digital business. To reach the customer on their preffered interaction with financial services, banks are resorting to big data, artificial intelligence, APIs and open banking at large, e-identity, biometrics, digital on-boarding, to name a few trends. The continued revamp of the back office is a must as the demand is high and customers banking needs are evolving fast. This session will look into how these back-office banking trends are used to optimise customers experience and services. Panellists will also share their experiences of obstacles and opportunities to meet this challenge, not to mention the mission of financial and social inclusion of the most vulnerable segments.

  • Sonia Arriaza, Regional Lead, Latin America and the Caribbean at Better Than Cash Alliance (BTCA), USA (TBC)
  • Daniel Ayala, Senior Vice President and Business Unit Manager for Wells Fargo's Global Remittance Services Group, USA (TBC)
  • Dario León, Gerente de Servicios Corporativos, Federación Peruana de Cajas Municipales de Ahorro y Crédito (FEPCMAC), Perú
  • Jorge Ruíz, Founder & CEO, Above and Beyond (A&B) (A&B ejecutando el programa del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo FINCONECTA, que reúne a instituciones financieras de LatAm y fintechs en todo el mundo)
  • Felipe Vasquez de Velasco D., Gerente General, Pagos Digitales Peruanos (PDP) (PDP administra el único sistema nacional de monedero electrónico que reúne a 34 instituciones financieras)


14.30-16.00 Session 3: Transformation of the branch in the digital world

Having the two previous sessions in mind, inevitably the branch´s role is deemed to evolve. This implies rethinking the use of bank branches, while achieving deep knowledge on the behaviour of our customers. Is not a matter of losing face to face contact, but rather to enable customers to initiate any kind of request remotely, even if this is something as simple as an appointment at the branch. People are rapidly changing the way they interact with financial services. Customer need to feel in control of their banking relationship and be confident that there is person behind the banking relationship every step of the way, if desired. This session will explore a series of best practices from our members and experts to illustrate this evolution. It will also address how we maintain an innovative service offering for both current and future generations.

  • Ole Morten Geving, Finance Norge, Noruega
  • BancoEstado, Chile
  • Fedecrédito, El Salvador
  • Banrural, Guatemala

16.00 – 16.30 Coffee break

​16.30-17.45  Session 4: WSBI Institutional Agenda
WSBI Achievements and Perspectives presented by Aimée Suarez, WSBI Senior Advisor International and Institutional Relations for Latin America and the Caribbean
Discussion among members moderated by  Diego Prieto, President of the WSBI Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Group and President of Banco Caja Social, Colombia.

17.45 – 18.00 Celebration of the WSBI World Savings Day and closing remarks
  • Chris De Noose, WSBI Managing Director
  • ​Jorge Solis, President, Federación Peruana de Cajas Municipales de Ahorros y Crédito


18.30-22.00 Dinner Reception






Venue: Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center | Lima, Perú