29 SEPTEMB​ER 2017


Venue: Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center | Lima, Perú


09:30 Opening

  • Welcome words - Jorge Solís Espinoza, President of the Peruvian Federation of Municipal Banks - FEPCMAC
  • Inauguration X International Congress of Microfinance, Socorro Heysen Zegarra, Superintendent of Banking, Insurance and AFP


10:30 First Session: Business in the Digital Age

WSBI Representative

It explores the latest transformations that allow new ways of doing business. The exhibitor, with a global vision, presents the latest innovations related to the financial service, and the current requirements for microfinance institutions.


11:30 Coffee Break


12:00 Second Session: Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services.

BOTS or the revolution in the financial service.

Artificial Intelligence and its related technology, seeks to imitate human behavior, and develops services that with Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, revolutionize the financial world allowing customers to do business in the "palm of your hand."

As it works this technology will be presented and its scope will be discussed in the second session.


13:30 Lunch offered by FEPCMAC


15:00 Third Session: Innovation for the Microfinance Industry

Organizations and Disruptive Innovation: Possible?

Organizations must re-learn their innovation processes. In it, survival is going on in such a changing environment as the Digital Age. This Innovation must be Transcendental in the Organization, and we must know how to carry it out.

17:00 Coffee Break

17:30 Fourth session: FINTECH Phenomenon and financial inclusion

How are financial services being configured in the technological vortex that overwhelms us? Do these financial services have a short life span? Are some of the questions to be answered.


18:00   Paradigm Shift: The immense opportunities for MF's that brings the era of digital consumers

Rolando Arellano

The digital age opens up new types of customers and current customers migrate to new living and virtual environments. This sets up new markets. Rolando Arellano presents what these new market niches may be for microfinance


19:30 Closure - Special Program

This event costs USD$500. You can find more​​ information about registration here​​; by calling the 222-4002 (207); or by emailing jzumaeta@fpcmac.org.pe.