Financial Education Conference

Evolution, Revolution - Financial Education in the digital age

Venue: WSBI-ESBG premises, Rue Marie-Thérèse 11, B-1000 Brussels ​

Open​ing remarks

​Keynote Speech

​Panel 1​: Role of financial education in the digital era
  • There are increasingly more and more new digital tools available to broaden the outreach of financial education and inclusion​. What kind of guidance do we need in respect of financial education and digital?
  • What could the role of financial education be in the rise of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, robo-advice, etc? 
  • Are consumer protection concerns being addressed properly?  

Panel 2: Standards and evaluation in the digital era

  • ​Evaluation of programmes remains a challenge; however, it is desirable to improve in this field to ensure quality programmes and impact. Are current standards and evaluation methods fit to take into account the digital dimension? 
  • Financial education should continue to evolve along with trends, such as digitisation, in order to ensure that handled topics, learning methods and evaluation tools are up to date. Against this background, sharing financial education initiatives and experiences proves to be crucial in order to enable policy coherence and standardized approaches in the evaluation of the programmes. Is there enough research?

Joint WSBI-ESBG and Parents International Initiative

  • Presentation of the set of Financial Literacy Skills jointly developed by WSBI-ESBG experts and Parents International experts.