Corporate Archives is Erste Group's long-term memory. 


Historical documents from the year of Erste österreichische Spar-Casse's foundation in 1819 right up to the recent past are stored in our depository. Certificates and records, balance sheets, company reports, meetings minutes and correspondence take up about half of the inventory. A comprehensive media collection - consisting of audio, photographic and film material - and a large collection of objects complement the paper archives and round off our memory store.

Corporate Archives stands for working on and at Erste's corporate identity. 



We start with a question framed in and by the present, and set off to search for the historical roots for it.  In this way current and future-oriented corporate values can be objectively linked into, and reinforced by, a tradition. Research is conducted, using our sources and information, which writes the next chapter in Erste's biography in a way that can be read by employees and the outside world alike.

No enterprise that, right from its founding concept, was and continues to aim to be firmly anchored in society, acts autonomously in this respect. Its memory bank is also the record of a community and its individual members.


Corporate Archives provides a service to the organisation. 


We work, on a project basis, together with a wide range of business areas, departments and branch offices. We provide information and historical materials, assist or curate exhibitions, produce texts, folders and Videos. Corporate Archives is open to all employees or on request to ​​.

Come and visit us, browse in our library, ask us questions. We will gladly take you on a tour of the archive. The Corporate Archives are also a place to which you can entrust your own valuable memories and “things" relating to the company's history.


​Facts & Figures

  • Approx. 95,000 archive items
  • Approx. 1.6 linear kilometres of storage
  • Approx. 85,180 inventory numbers issued,of which:
    • Written material: 24,749 inventory numbers (47.8%)
    • Fascicles/documents/certificates: 12,368
    • Printed matter 7,426
    • Manuscripts (meeting minutes/reports etc.) 4,955
    • Media: 13,722 inventory numbers (26.4%)
    • Audio: 183
    • Film: 385
    • Photos: 12,861
    • Stored data items: 293



  • Collection (Objects, savings boxes, posters, coin collection, promotional material, Pictures) approx. 12,000 inventory numbers (23.1%), of which
    • savings boxes: 4,206
    • posters: 366
    • historical  coins: 6,480
    • Digital archive: approx. 1,400 inventory numbers (2.7%)
    • Library
    • Approx. 3,000 books
    • History of Erste Bank und Sparkassen
    • Company reports
    • Legal history library
    • General topics: money, finance, banks
  •  Spacial resources :
    • Library: 334 m2
    • Depository/archive rooms: 710 m2
    • Mobile shelving system: 2.4 linear kilometres of storage