ESBG Spotlight 12 October

A discussion with Janine Dow-Senior Director with Fitch Ratings-on Shining a light on Climate Stress Tests


Fitch Ratings is an award-winning provider of credit ratings, commentary and research. In this era of volatility & technological transformation, Fitch Ratings provide clarity and insight. Human insight, enabling the clients all over the world to make better decisions.

Fitch Ratings believes that climate-change stress tests will be the increase in awareness of senior banks' management of how climate-related risk can in turn quantitatively increase credit, market, business and reputational risks. This will force greater understanding of how such risks should be measured and managed through improved systems, processes and training. This, together with supervisory guidelines, should encourage management to adopt longer-term strategies which will improve the sustainability of banks’ business models.

15:00 Welcome and introduction
15:05 Understanding the resilience of banks and non-financial corporations in a range of climate scenarios.
15:35 Q&A session moderated by Sebastian Stodulka, Head of Regulatory Affairs, ESBG​​
15:45 End of the webinar

About the speaker

Janine Dow is a senior director with Fitch Ratings’ sustainable finance (SUF) team and performs a global financial institutions analytical liaison function.

She joined SUF in May 2020, having spent many years in Fitch's financial institutions division, covering banks in Latin America, Europe, Turkey and Africa. She joined Fitch in 1992.

Prior to joining Fitch, Janine was involved in corporate finance advisory and brokering services to emerging European countries.

Janine earned a degree in history from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and a BA in modern Iberian and Latin American regional studies at Kings College, University of London. She is also fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French.