​9.00 am

​Welcome Speech by Georgiy Luntovskiy, President, Asros (Association of Banks of Russia) and Chris De Noose, Managing Director, WSBI
​Panel Discussion 1: CBDCs - the point of view of regulators and supervisors
What is the fundamental motivation to implement a CBDC and what is then the role of the central bank? How will a CBDC function in the international payment landscape and who should have access to CBDCs?  Which legal framework is required for implementation of a CBDC and what would be the impact of a CBDC on financil stability?  These and other questions will be discussed dur​ing the first panel discussion of the day.

Jürgen Schaaf, Advisor - Market Infrastructure and Payments, European Central Bank
Pal Peter Kolozsi, PhD, Director Monetary Policy Instruments, Central Bank of Hungary
Annette Kyobe, Head of Representative Office in Russia, IMF
Ivan Zimin, Deputy Chairperson, Bank of Russia
MU Changchun, Director-General of the Digital Currency Institute at the People's Bank of China​
Britta Weinmann, Head of Representation in Russia, Bundesbank

​11.15 - 11.30
​Questions & Answers

​11.30 - 1 pm
​The impact of CBDCs on the financial system - view from the banks, the payment systems and fintechs
Will CBDCs complement or replace the existing payment infrastrucutre and how would it fit into the current payment and banking systems? What is then the role of financial institutions in the implementation of CBDCs? And, last but not least, how should the retail banking sector prepare for this new landscape?

Ricardo Correia, Digital Currencies, R3
Julien Le Goc, Director of Policy, Diem Association
Michael Matovnikov, Senior Executive Director, SBER
Patrick O'Donnell, Vice-President, Digital Consumer Solutions, Mastercard
Fanny Solano, Director of Regulatory Affairs & Implementation ​Management, CaixaBank
David Wen, Professor, Zhejiang University International Business School​