History of the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute

​Founded in 1924 as the International Savings Banks Institute, the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute represents some 6000 savings banks in 80 countries. 

At the occasion of the First International Thrift Congress, Milan saw the foundation of the International Savings Banks Institute in 1924.  This congress had been organised by the Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde, which also celebrated its centennial anniversary. The congress gathered 354 delegates representing approximately 7,000 branches of savings banks from 27 different countries.

At the closing of this First International Thrift Congress on 31 October, Professor Filippo Ravizza, officially proclaimed October 31 'World Thrift Day'.  The intention was to make the general public aware of the importance of saving money. From then onwards, Savings Banks all around the globe have celebrated World Savings Day, as it is nowadays called, every year and it became a fixed holiday on the calendar of all savings banks.

In its resolutions, the congress also stated that the creation of a permanent International Savings Banks Institute would be  

"advantageous and indispensable for the better mutual acquaintance of all Savings Banks and for the increased development and co-ordination of their activities."

First International Thrift Congress, Milan, October 1924 

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The first president of the institute was Marquis Capitani d'Arzago, the former president of the 'Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde' and of the 'Associazione fra la Casse di Risparmio Italiane'. He remained president of the Institute until 1945. The first director of the Institut was Filippo Ravizza, who stayed in office until 1948.


Marquis Capitani d'Arzago Prof. Filippo Ravizza


The institute's main objective was to improve the collaboration among savings banks. The institute published the first issue of the official organ of the institute entitled 'World Thrift' in June 1926. This journal was spread among all members of the institute.

Until the Second World War, the headquarters of the International Savings Banks Institute remained in Milan. But since Milan had suffered from heavy bombings during the war, the institute moved to Amsterdam in 1948. With a new structure comprising a range of committees and working groups, the International Savings Banks Institute was now restructured to function according to its international character.

The International Savings Banks Institute was again relocated in 1969, this time to Geneva where it remained until 1994 when it was dissolved. In its place, a newly created World Savings Banks Institute (WSBI) was established in Brussels on 9 June 1994.


Archives of the International Savings Banks Institute, 1924-1994

The WSBI safeguards the historical archives of the International Savings Banks Institute. The archives of the institute are an important resource for historical research on the evolution of the financial industry. Detailed requests for information can be addressed to: info@wsbi-esbg.org