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​Membership in ESBG brings offers a bespoke set of benefits including involvement in a 'ready-made coalition' and involvement in platforms to exchange experience​.   

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ESBG: A ‘ready-made coalition’

Assemble and disseminate contributions to EU policymaking through a single voice:

  • ​Enhanced standing and profile at EU and international level, via ESBG’s involvement in political and regulatory debates to present and promote the interests and positions of savings and like-minded retail banks;​
  • Access to selected information and intelligence on the latest EU regulatory and political developments;
  • Access to decision-makers and influential parties via ESBG-maintained contacts with EU stakeholders, such as European Commission officials, members of the European Parliament, representatives of other European/international credit organisations and financial services associations and market-players, think- tanks;
  • Networking and contact building events organised by ESBG for its members such as through conferences, seminars, workshops, receptions​;
  • A common strategy, defined by ESBG in consultation with its members to positively and constructively influence EU institutions involved in the regulatory process;
  • Coordinated actions and initiatives, especially when EU activities need to be relayed and supported at national level;
  • Expert meetings, organised by ESBG around a given issue, providing opportunities to exchange experiences and best practices, and to build common positions on topics of common interest;
  • Assistance in getting a thorough understanding and analysis of EU decision-making processes and politics, such as background information, seminars on EU affairs; and
  • Tailored responses to member requests on the areas such as EU general context, EU financial services policy or related issues, EU decision-making process.


ESBG platforms for exchange of experience

  • Up-to-date information on technological and marketing advances through information on trends on products and services; and

  • Opportunities to network and build relationships with like-minded institutions in a series of committees and task forces.​

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